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Current Trends in Mobile Navigation Design

“With the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices, providing handheld users with an easy navigation is essential to converting first time visitors into customers or return visitors.” -Bryan Turley, Lead Mobile/Web Developer Responsive web design allows for more uniformity across both desktop and mobile platforms. Unlike having a separate mobile version of a website, responsive… +


Tuning Your Website for a Windows 8 App Launch

Since the summer of 2012 we have had the pleasure of working with Next Issue Media, a Silicon Valley startup whose app delivers the latest issues of over 80 of the most popular magazines direct to your tablet.  Next Issue made it a priority to make their app available to Windows 8 users soon after… +


Retina Images: What are They, and Why Do They Matter?

Introduction If you’ve at all been following the latest trends in web design, you’ve probably come across the term “Responsive Design”. In essence, a responsive website adapts its design to best suit the device on which it’s being displayed. Desktop computers and mobile phones, for example, have very different screen sizes and user interfaces. Designing… +


Amazon CloudFront Gives Faster Load Times And Better User Experience

Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront serve as a content delivery network which gives website administrators the advantage of increased speeds in which the content is delivered to their users. Amazon S3 is a file storage solution that allows files to be uploaded and receive a unique URL for that file. However, the URL given by… +


How to Build a Custom Options Page in WordPress

Creating a custom options page on your WordPress site can be quite daunting at first as there are many nuances to to incorporate. The result, however, is a powerful asset to any WordPress developer looking to make their site more dynamic and customizable. Instead of hard coding specific data elements into your templates, consider the… +


Social Networking is More Popular Than E-Mail.

According to the latest research from the people at Nielsen, on-line users are spending more and more time social networking. In fact, at 23% of our on-line time, it is the single largest use of time on the internet, surpassing email which used to be the dominant focus of American’s internet usage. Why is this… +

Deloach Video Voter Contest

A Video Voter contest with 212,969 views and counting.

To promote Deloach Vineyards’ organic practices, Lion Associates helped build a multimedia video voter contest site which activated local community gardens across the country. Via a relationship between Deloach Vineyards and Organic Wine Magazine, community gardens were actively encouraged to vote, socialize, and enter in this contest that rewards the winners with stipend funds to… +